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Our support to the islands.

The Farne Islands are an important reserve for wildlife and are the home to many species of sea bird, including Puffins, Eiders, Razorbills and Cormorants. There is also a large colony of Grey Seals. Many legends and miracles are associated the islands; including rich religious & viking roots.

Farne dedicates a portion of all sales to the below causes and encourage our friends, family and customers to do the same. Through your purchase with us, you not only receive a beautiful piece, but you are also directly supporting a range of project, whom use every penny we donate in maintaining the land, seas and wildlife that inhabit them.

We are committed to promoting these beautiful islands, and Northumberland as a whole. The largest national park and most fortified region of the United Kingdom. Following the invasion of both the  Romans and Vikings, our 12 castles still stand proudly on the coast lines, many of which are still in tact. Tourism to the region is still a local endeavor, but Farne UK intends to spread the word further afield, for lovers of history, beautiful landscapes, wildlife and fairy-tales.

Exploring the Islands
We have a multitude of ways to explore the islands. You can travel by train to one of the local mainland towns (also well worth a visit!), and then take a bus onto Holy Island or drive - be sure to check the causeway timings, unless your car can transform into a boat! ;). Boat tickets can be bought nearby and there are also private charters, diving and other options. See below for all of the details:

Getting Involved.


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