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Bows & Jangles. On-trend this year, this season, and those to come.

"If there's one clear message I took away from the A/W 23 shows, it's that bows are back—not that they really ever went away, right? " says Poppy Nash, managing editor at Who What Wear UK.

If one thing stands out from the A/W 23 24 fashion trends audits we've seen, bows, spangles, metallics and bold patterns are dominating the style horizon and are here to stay.

Our lead designer, Kim Lewis has always held a candle for all that glitters, whilst ensuring her designs are grown up, and chic. Each design in the Farne range encompasses premium materials and a finished product that embellishes and elevates and outfit from a simple silhouette to a couture, on-trend statement.

The Aidan, our showstopping launch piece is dedicated to the rich history of St. Aidan, a prevalent figurehead of the history of the Farne Islands.

When it comes to substance, woven into each piece is a story dating back thousands of years and supports the conservation efforts that continue the magic of the Farne Islands, a beautiful collection of islands in the farthest point of England.

As rich a tapestry as the islands possess, the pieces pay homage and endeavour to continue to tell the enchanting and often terrifying stories, myths and legends that inspire the work we create.

We create fashion statements that tell stories, whilst staying ahead of the curve in key trends. This piece encapsulated the must-have key elements of this season. All that glitters, and beautiful bows.

Stay tuned to find out about our next product launch, coming very soon. Sign up for our updates below. Follow our social media for sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes, and style inspiration: @We_Are_Farne

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